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Get Started With SEO to Promote Local Business

29 April 2022, April 29, 2022 WIB Last Updated 2023-11-30T08:31:36Z
Would you like to get more targeted visitors to your website? One of the best ways to promote local business is to utilize search engine optimization (SEO).

When done effectively, it gives any business the chance to be found much easier and quicker by consumers looking for the products and services sold by those businesses.

Basically, SEO means that you are utilizing the various keywords in your online ad campaign that people search for when trying to locate services and products.

When you add the right keyword phrases to your website’s pages and link back to those pages using a variety of media, you increase your chances of a high search engine page ranking.

Get Started With SEO to Promote Local Business

If you’re not already aware, your next question probably is, “How do I know what the ‘right’ keyword phrases are?”

Fortunately Google has a free SEO tool that is a huge help in determining the best keywords to use. We’re focusing on Google here because approximately 65 percent of searches done on the internet are done through Google.

The free tool I’m referring to is Google AdWords Keyword Tool. You simply type in the keywords that you want to research and you will get many statistics. Through these stats you will get a good idea of how often people search for specific keywords and phrases and how competitive they are.

Some of the stats are:

  1. Advertiser competition. By looking at the shaded bars you have a quick visual on how competitive the keyword phrase is. It’s important to know what the challenge will be in trying to rank high for certain keywords in organic searches.
  2. What the local search volume was for the previous month. This lets you know how many queries were done for the keyword and variations you’re seeking. They are based on Google searches done in your targeted country and language.
  3. The global monthly search volume. This is based on the approximate average Google monthly search volume done in all countries and languages over the recent twelve month period.

Your best bet when using keywords to promote local business is to find words that aren’t yet real competitive. This gives you the best opportunity to rank highly quicker.

However, you’ll still want to choose words that are being searched at least a few thousand times locally. It does you very little good to rank high for keywords that no one searches.

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool can also give you good ideas on specific keywords to use based on existing web pages. That’s why this should be the tool to begin with when you’re building your website’s content and looking for keywords as the base.

When the goal is to promote local business online, SEO with the aid of Google AdWords Keyword Tool, is a definite must. It can save you a ton of time and money in achieving high search engine page ranking for your business website.


  • Get Started With SEO to Promote Local Business
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